What to Pack

Full Day Rafting and Fishing Trips include a catered lunch

Rafters, here is what you will need to pack. 

Polarized Sunglasses, Water friendly clothes (no cotton), Hat, Sun Screen, Camera

Wear sandals, not flip flops.
Layers of clothing (fleece, etc.) or a change of clothes for after your raft or fishing trip (we have a changing area at the shop!), swimsuit and/or swim shorts, water bottle, snack for the road, cooler to hold snacks or drinks in your car for post trip, Great adventurous attitude

We supply: Splash Jackets, Personal Floatation Device (life jacket), Paddle, Raft, Rapids, Guide

Taking a fishing trip with us? Bring the above, we supply the all the rest.

We supply: Splash jackets, waders to keep warm (if needed), Personal Floatation Device (life jacket), Rod, Gear, Drift Boat or Raft, Fishing Guide

Fishing License and Info

You’ll need a license! Get one here before you go: https://app.mt.gov/als/index/index.html

To legally fish in Montana you must hold a valid fishing license. You need to first purchase the $10 conservation license followed by your fishing license. Non Resident Licenses are sold in 2 day blocks for $25, 10 day blocks for $56 or $86 for the season. So if you are fishing for one or two days the cost is $35 for both conservation and fishing license, $60 for 4 days (2 sets of 2 day licenses plus conservation), $66 for 10 days and $96 total for a season. Non Resident children age 1-11 are not required to hold a license when fishing with a licensed adult. Montana Residents can expect to pay $29 for a season fishing license ($8 for the conservation license plus $21 for the season fishing license).

Call us at the office if you have any questions: 406-822-8282.