Raft Trip Hats Tshirts

These are soft, comfy, and will be -quite possibly- your favorite shirt before you know it. Why? Because they are 50% Polyster 25% Cotton 25% Rayon.

Mens sizes:S-XXL (mens cut fits the shoulder to waist ratio perfectly)

Womens sizes S-XXL (womens cut distinguishes the figure and fits like a glove)

This classic T-shirt was designed by Sara Forsythe.  She blended a modern day Andy Warhol look on a comfortable cotton T-shirt, created by designer LG at Zoo City Custom Apparel in Missoula, MT.

A large print like this will be soft and breathable compared to traditional inks which can make for the dreaded “shield shirt”- you know, those prints with the plastic shield of ink on the chest that gets sweaty and weird when you wear it.

MT Raft Trip T-Shirts and Hats are also available for shipping or at our shop!

Kids sizes S-XL (baby blue and adorable)


Infant Onsies S-XL (1mo-15mo)

Hats (one size fits all, adjustable, breathable, and totally awesome trucker hats)