Fresh homegrown lunches

We believe good food is the best ingredient for a group of people while spending the day on the river. Our lunches are prepared daily with fresh home cooked Rosemary Focaccia bread accompanied by fresh produce grown in our own garden.

Adventures with Western Waters is known for its’ home cooked meals and makes our river trips unique and unlike any other meal served on the river. Our fresh vegetables will vary in season, but will be delightful and full of taste when served on your trip. We are excited to offer fresh produce for three reasons.

1. Growing local food is a hobby of ours that we enjoy sharing with others
2. Food grown and served in one area is environmental friendly, cutting back on travel miles.
3. Fresh local grown produce just taste great!!!!

On our trips we bring water, ice tea, lemonade and soda to quench everyone’s thirst. Please let us know if there are any special requests to suite your needs. We are always happy to adjust our meals.